Protecting the Most Vulnerable & Unlocking Human Potential in Cuba 

Arts & Culture

Give2Cuba provides stipends and other support for young, independent journalists, bloggers, filmmakers, photographers and musicians living in Cuba. We also support certain cultural events, including film festivals that feature Cuban artists and filmmakers. 

Disaster Relief

Cuba is often hit by natural disasters, causing wide spread damage and affecting thousands of people. Give2Cuba supports direct humanitarian aid for victims of hurricanes, tornados, and floods. Our programs provide hot meals, milk for children, clothes, blankets, cooking supplies, personal hygiene items, and emergency housing. Long-term support is focused on rebuilding damages homes. 


Give2Cuba Provides direct support for Cuban small business owners. This includes training and advisory services to Cuban entrepreneurs, as well as courses in marketing, finance, accounting, and sales. On occasion, we support scholarships for travel to the U.S. for mentorship opportunities.